Abbymor Border Collies



I started breeding and showing English Springer Spaniels in 1981 on the Gold Coast under the Blossommor prefix.

I bred and showed this breed for 20 years and over that time bred over 60 puppies. Many of my dogs were behind several great English Springer Spaniels of that era. I owned and showed Ch Equity Fido McHaggis who was bred by Peter and Pauline Cousins from the Gold Coast Queensland.

Fido was a beautiful black, white, tri-coloured Springer and was a BIS, Multi RUBIS, BIG and multi in-class, in-group, BOB winner. My home-bred Ch Blossommor Bojangles was a RUBOB Specialty winner at the NSW English Springer Spaniel Club Show from Junior Class. He was a truly beautiful moving dog, like his father Kaye McGhie's Ch Fraelight Flying In Time who pipped him for BOB on that day.

My life changed course at the end of 1990's, and it wasn't until 2004 that we welcomed our first border collie to our family. He was Clanheath Royal Salute (Angus) bred by Jacquie Marshall from Canberra. Angus traveled Australia and lived a long life of over 15 years.

When Angus passed in 2019, it wasn't until late 2020 that we welcomed Clanabby Out of The Blue and Clanabby McLachlan The Brave into the family. We have been very busy since then, despite Covid lockdowns and a huge change in all our lifestyles.

In 2022, we welcomed our first border collie litter. Many thanks to Janice and Ron McKeirnan for allowing us to use their handsome Gr Ch Cannyben Locked N Loaded (Gage) as the sire to Abby (Clanabby Out Of The Blue). Abby had six pups (4 girls and 2 boys). They were all beautiful strong puppies with amazing temperaments and quick to learn.

We retained Layla (Abbymor Little Miss Sunshine) and Sunny (Abbymor The Sundance Kid) to run on for show. Abbymor You Are My Sunshine (Bindi) is to be a show dog as well. She is owned by Vern Alley and Jacquie Bath.


Abbymor is registered with Dogs Queensland Prefix No. 4100249696